10 Kitchen Cabinet Tips

Removing the Old Cabinets

An Efficient Installation

Remove the Doors and Drawers

Support the Weight of the Cabinet

Use a Small Finished Nail


A Cabinet Plan

The Microwave Outlet

A Benchmark Level

Cabinet Shims

A Cabinet Filler Piece

Extra Tips:

Hinges, knobs and drawer slides should be of excellent quality. Get durable hardware because with moving parts, they wear down with time. Having a better quality part will ensure a longer life.

Complete the installation with laziness. A ‘Lazy Susan’ can add accessibility to those hard to reach items in the corner cabinets. A Lazy Susan is a turntable that’s installed in a kitchen cabinet that rotates to allow easy access to everything in the cabinet.

Beware of staples. Staples will pull apart. Get cabinets with thick panels that have been corner blocked and glued, or fastened with screws.

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How To Increase Life Of Your Recliner

A recliner sofa is a chair that is sought out for the high amount of comfort that it offers, and also the way it fits right into the interiors of a room. Recliners are chairs, that are able to recline, to support the back in a more comfortable posture, and they also come with a footrest, so that the feet are supported for better posture, no matter what position the body is in. When you are buying recliners, there are several things that you have to take care of, in order to ensure that you have made a sensible and long term investment.

A reclining sofa should be such that it feels immensely comfortable to those people who use it frequently. However, a recliner chair should also be easy to handle and maintain, so that you can increase the durability and the time period for which your recliner can support you. There are some maintenance tips that you can keep in mind when you are taking care of your recliner, so that you can effectively increase the age.

Preventing The Accumulation Of Dust 
Like all other things in your house, you have to make sure that you dust your reclining sofas regularly. Dusting the recliner on a daily basis can work wonders when you are trying to maintain your recliner. When you don’t let dust accumulate on your recliner, the material stays free of degradation, and looks good as new for the longest period of time. In addition to that, it also protects the person using the recliner from inhaling dust on a daily basis.

Clean Stains And Marks Immediately 
No matter how small, or how harmless a stain or a mark might seem, you have to make sure that you clean it out immediately, so that it doesn’t become a permanent mark. When you clean it out promptly, the material on your Ashley Furnitures recliner looks new and feel good for the longest period of time.

Clear Out All The Parts Equally 
When you are cleaning out your recliner, you have to make sure that you clean out all the small cracks, gaps, spaces and areas. If you fail to do so, rust, dirt, dust, and sometimes even fungus may start to develop. You have to make sure that none of these develop in the cracks and crevices. When you clean out every part of your recliner, it is likely to service you for longer periods of time.

Do Not Ignore Small Repair Work
When you own a recliner, you have to look out for tell-tale signs of damage, and make sure that you take all the steps necessary to prevent the damage to escalating to irreparable damage. If you feel that the material that your recliner is made with is starting to fade or getting damaged beyond repair, you have to effectively replace it. If you repair and replace all the smaller parts, then you do not have to replace your entire recliner any time soon.

Owning a recliner has several benefits, and you would want to make sure that you and your family are able to enjoy those benefits for the longest period of time. For that, you have to make sure that you take all the steps necessary to prevent your recliner from falling into decay. A few basic steps and precautions can go a long way in keeping it brand new for a long time.


The long, cold months of winter encourage us to take it easy, conserve our energy, and be more selective about how we invest our time. But while you might feel inclined to spend the winter hibernating, your hot tub doesn’t have to follow your lead. In fact, using your hot tub in winter has special advantages—provided you follow a few tips to stay safe and keep your hot tub in prime condition.


Winterizing your spa for the season—draining it, cleaning it, and protecting it from the effects of freezing weather—can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure. In many cases, it’s better for the health of your hot tub to keep it running. Plus, in addition to enjoying the everyday benefits of your home spa, you’ll get to experience some perks unique to the winter months:

  • Staying Warm Outside in the Cold. In freezing weather, a soak in your home spa allows you to spend time outside in warmth and comfort, instead of huddling indoors or shivering in the cold air.
  • Cold-Weather Hydrotherapy. When your muscles and joints are cold, you’re more likely to pull or strain them during physical activity. In chilly temperatures, soaking in your hot tub before exercise can help warm you up and prepare your body for a safer workout, while soaking after a workout can relax and soothe aching muscles or stiff limbs. Learn more about integrating your hot tub with exercise in this guide.
  • Winter Socializing and Celebrations. The winter holidays are a perfect time to enjoy the company of close friends and family. Your hot tub can serve as a unique and memorable site for a festive winter gathering.


During the winter, follow these tips to protect your hot tub, keep yourself safe, and enhance your enjoyment:

  1. Invest in a Good Cover. Make sure your hot tub cover is well-insulated and has a tight-fitting seal. A high-quality cover in good condition will help your hot tub maintain a constant high temperature, even when the weather is frightful.
  2. Monitor the Water Level. Check your water level frequently and add more as necessary. If the water level falls too low in cold weather, the components may freeze, which could damage your hot tub.
  3. Keep the Water Clean. Make sure you clean and maintain your water,  cheap hot tub, and filters according to your usual schedule. Simple problems can become more complicated to fix in subzero weather.
  4. Change Your Water Early. If your tub will be due for a scheduled water change during winter, it’s a good idea to shift it to earlier in the year. Changing water while the outside temperatures are low can be particularly challenging, as there’s a risk of water freezing and damaging your spa.
  5. Turn Down the Jets. Use the jets to a lesser extent than you would in other seasons, and don’t forget to turn them off when not in use. The jets work by blowing air into the water, which can lower the temperature.
  6. Be Smart About Soak Times. The longer you stay in your spa, the higher your body temperature climbs. While it may be tempting to linger in the comforting warmth of your hot tub when the outside air is cold, try to limit your soak time to about twenty minutes Moving from extreme heat to extreme cold can place dangerous stress on your body.
  7. Stay Hydrated. It’s always important to stay hydrated when you’re using your hot tub. During the winter, you may want to drink warm or room-temperature beverages while soaking to keep yourself hydrated while combatting the cold. Since alcohol can increase the effects of dehydration, it’s best to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages in your spa.
  8. Have a Plan for Retreat. Cold weather can be dangerous, particularly when you’re wet and wearing a bathing suit. At the conclusion of your soak, when you must leave the protective warmth of your spa and face the icy winter air, make sure to immediately shield yourself from the cold. Keep a bathrobe and shoes or sturdy slippers nearby, and get indoors as quickly as possible after leaving your hot tub.
  9. Vacation Without Worry. If your winter plans involve travel, rest assured your hot tub will be fine without you. Consider adding Connextion™ from luxury hot tubs, a subscription-based service that will remotely monitor your hot tub and alert you and your dealer to any potential issues, no matter where you are in the world. If problems arise, your dealer can arrange to have them fixed without disrupting your vacation.
  10. Enhance Your Outdoor Sanctuary. Use accessories to add warmth and comfort to your outdoor hot tub environment in the winter. Consider adding heating lamps, or a towel warmer, or maybe simply a weatherproof rug to protect bare feet from the frozen ground. Just make sure all electrical devices are either battery-operated or are placed far enough away from your hot tub to avoid any possible risk of electrocution from contact with water.

If you’re still debating whether to keep your hot tub running all winter long, it may help to know how much energy your spa is likely to use in cold weather. For any questions you may have about winter hot tub use, talk to your local dealer. They’ll be able to help you better understand your model and its known performance specifications. They also can offer more tips for getting the most out of your hot tub in winter, especially for your area’s particular climate.

Find out about hot tubs prices and their exceptional energy efficiency ratings in any season. You can even request a price quote.

Living Room Furniture

When it comes to decorating a home, there are few things more intimidating than standing in an empty room and not knowing where to start. There are so many things to consider—personal aesthetic, lifestyle, budget and more—but the best way to begin is with the factory direct furniture layout. In other words, determining the arrangement of sofas, chairs, tables, storage cabinets and anything else that is involved in the room’s floor plan (any item that touches the floor). We’ve compiled a simple guide to follow that works for every room in the house, starting with the living room. These living room layout ideas will make the job of arranging furniture and decorating your home easy and enjoyable.

Measure the living room from wall to wall, making note of the length and width of the room.

First, draw a box, noting the measurements on all sides. Whether you create it on a computer program or hand draw it on graph paper, having a scale floor plan is helpful for space planning. Most of the time, converting feet to inches at a 1:1 scale is easiest. For example, a living room that measures 16 feet by 10 feet would convert to a 16-by-10-inch box. Then measure any furnishings that you’ve decided to include and create a separate uniquely-sized box for each piece. If drawing by hand, one idea is to create paper furniture cutouts (to scale) so you can play with different furniture direct arrangements.

Decide on a focal point.

Deciding on a focal point will really help with space planning—a TV, fireplace, chandelier, artwork, et cetera. Once that is determined, the furniture arrangements can fall into place around it. If the living room involves a television, note that the viewing distance for a standard TV is between 8 to 12 feet maximum, and the viewing angle is no more than 30 degrees. So the main sofa, couch or sectional should be placed facing that wall. Additional armchairs and chaises can flank either side of the television wall as well, rounding out the seating area while adding visual balance. To perfect this arrangement, consider incorporating custom direct furniture — a pair of unique upholstered armchairs makes a bold statement.

For living rooms with a fireplace, most people consider conversation the most important goal. So a semi-circular furniture configuration around the hearth, with no more than 8 feet in between seats, promotes easy interaction with family and friends. For living rooms with neither a hearth or a television, a central focal point makes the most sense. Float a sofa (or two, facing each other) around a coffee table, with chairs placed around the circle to close any gaps.

Arrange tables, storage cabinets and ottomans.

Once the seating area has been set (around the focal point), placing tables and storage cabinets is next. In a living room, the main coffee table or ottoman can be placed in the middle of the sofas and chairs. It’s best to allow 18 inches between a coffee table and sofa so drinks and the tv remote are within reach. Sofa tables are long, narrow tables that go behind a sofa, against its back. Side tables go next to the armchairs and on either side of the sofa.

Be sure to allow at least 30 inches between Ashley Furnitures pieces in places where people need to pass through. For small spaces, consider nesting tables that can expand when in use and fold up when they are not needed. Storage cabinets and case goods are placed against the wall, wherever the space allows. Media consoles and TV stands go under the television, and credenzas are usually placed on the longest wall. Etageres are high, open cabinets that display souvenirs, books, accessories and family photographs, and look best on a larger, empty wall so it doesn’t get crowded. Bar cabinets and bar carts are pieces that add an aura of glamour to the living room.

ent of a living room furniture layout is also the easiest: the rug. This should be centered in the middle of the main seating arrangement and extend a few inches beyond the sofa and chairs (or even further) to anchor the entire room. If the room is already carpeted, adding a thicker accent rug on top is a nice way to add warmth and encourage guests to relax and stay awhile.

Following these simple steps for your living room Ashley Furnitures layout will ensure a nice flow to the rest of your home as well. Other questions to ask yourself include: What is the first thing you’d like to see when you walk into the room? What do you plan to hang on the walls? Is furniture blocking air supply or radiators? Are there designated zones or areas within the room? Basically, figure out what is most important to you before you begin your furniture arrangement or buy furniture, and you’ll succeed in creating a special space that reflects your personal taste.

Ashley Furnitures and Outlets

Ashley Furnitures, now a part of Furniture Brands International, Inc, is one of the oldest and best known American brands. Ashley started manufacturing furniture in North Carolina nearly a century ago and has earned a reputation for its updated traditional style and high end furniture.

The company started out making a single product, a chair, but has grown to offer a variety of upholstered furniture and casegoods for every room of the house.

Ashley sells its furniture through 150 independently owned Ashley Furniture Outlets work for Home Furnishings and commercial Stores, with additional retailers carrying the line all across the U.S.

The Ashley Brand

Ashley offers an extensive selection of well made furniture. The company keeps updating its look, which is rooted in a traditional style, to stay with the times.

Ashley is in the middle and upper middle price point, but since it is a quality brand, your furniture should last a long time. While not in the same league as Drexel-Heritage, Century or Henredon, it is certainly a cut above Lane, Broyhill, or Universal. You can compare it to Ethan Allen, which is another quality brand.

That said, remember there are no absolutes in furniture. One piece from a lesser known brand could be superior to one from a well known brand. While reputation can invite trust, shop with an eye to your own needs, look for the best quality you can find regardless of brand names.

A word on style. Don’t look to Ashley for cutting edge, modern furniture. While the company has characterized its furniture as belonging to four styles, traditional, worldly, casual and contemporary, all Ashley furniture inspired by a traditional style. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is a tried and true style, but if you lean towards a modern style, look elsewhere.

Ashley Upholstery

As with most established brands, Ashley gives you plenty of choice to customize when it comes to upholstered furniture with hundreds of fabrics to choose from. This could be too much of a good thing, because while it may sound good to be able to select from such a wide range, it can turn out to be a bewildering experience if you don’t prepare for it in advance. It helps if you have narrowed your choices down to just a few colors, textures or patterns before you visit your local retailer or view fabric choices online.

Manufacturers have become aware of the growing demand for more customization and Ashley Furniture Desks is no exception. It lets you provide your own fabric and place a “COM” order. Ashley will help you determine yardage based on the material’s width and the dimensions of your furniture.

Another choice offered at Ashley Furniture Outlet is the firmness of your sofa. You can also choose seat cushions ranging from soft to firm depending on your preference. Soft Loft and Plush Down are Ashley’s softest cushions while Spring Down and Comfort Crown are the firmest.

Sofas start at $1500, but prices go up depending on your choice of style or fabric. Prices also vary from region to region and store to store.

To determine how much your Ashley piece would cost you check with your local Ashley store or retailer.

Ashley Case Goods

Ashley offers a full range of case goods for all the different rooms in your home, such as dining rooms, bedrooms and home offices. It offers a good range of entertainment centers, occasional tables and shelving as well.

While most of the wood furniture at Ashley is designed with a specific finish, its Color Café casual dining collection can be ordered in a variety of finishes. These casual dining items are available in a variety of styles so you can pick the styles and color combination you want. This provides a chance to get a dining room that reflects your own style and color preferences more closely using the 12 semi-transparent stains and 5 solid paint colors.

Corian tops are available on some tables with over 90 different colors to choose from.

Queen beds can begin around $1700 and a Color Cafe dining set with a table and 4 chairs at around $1900. A formal dining room set could be around $6000. But again, remember to check in your own area as prices may vary.

How to Buy

Ashley furniture can be bought from the company’s 150 stores, or from any of the retailers who carry this brand. Ashley sells directly online to customers only in selected cities.

Return Policy and Warranty

According to Ashley’s stated policy “Cancellations and changes are permitted only within 72 hours of order placement. Beyond this period, Ashley is not able to offer refunds, cancellations or exchanges for any reason.”

Four Decorating Mistakes That You Are Sure to Regret

Knowing how to decorate is important if you want to create a beautiful room. But you know what’s equally as important? Knowing what not to do. Sometimes simple (and very common) decorating mistakes are all that stand between you and the room of your dreams. Chances are good that if you have any decorating fails in your home they’re related to one of these four issues.

Decorating Fail: Choosing a Paint Color Online

It happens all the time. You see a room on Pinterest or on a television show and you think “that’s exactly the color I want!”.  You immediately go to the source guide, find the color, and proceed to paint your entire room in it. But when you’re done it doesn’t look quite right. There are so many reasons why this happens. Magazine photos are touched up, computer monitors vary, and rooms in television shows are lit differently. Also, the light in your home can be far different than the light in the featured room. If you find a paint color by any of these methods the best thing to do is use it as a starting point. Find the color and then test it in a small area of your room that it has good look for your furniture and sectional sofa. See how the light affects it and how it works in your space. You may find you need to go a little lighter or a little darker. You might also decide the color just doesn’t work. Blindly painting a color based on how it looks in someone else’s home can result in a big decorating fail in your own house.

There’s much more that goes into choosing a paint color.

Decorating Fail: Buying Everything at One Store

A common decorating fail that a lot of people fall prey to is purchasing everything at the same store. If you want your home to be devoid of personality and look exactly like the pages of a store catalog, then by all means purchase everything from a single store.

But if you want your home to be interesting, have character, and showcase who you and your family are you’re going to need to fill it with items from more than just one retailer. The items in your home should be reflective of your personality and should look like they’ve been collected over time. Buying everything at one store is a little bit like cheating – you’re just putting someone else’s style into your house and for sectional sofas instead of developing your own. That said if you really love a particular store’s aesthetic it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue shopping there. All it means is that you should branch out and try different things from different places on occasion.

Decorating Fail: Buying Trendy Items That Don’t Fit in with Your Décor

Trends can be tricky. In small doses they’re often fun, but if you’re not careful things can go very bad very quickly. The thing about a lot of trends is that they’re very specific to certain styles of decor for your living room and sectional couch. And if you spot something trendy in a store window that you absolutely love, you might find that when you get it home it just doesn’t work. Trends are only worthwhile if they look good with your existing decor. Don’t try to force them into a room where they don’t work.

The majority of decorating fails found in homes are somehow related to trends!

Decorating Fail: Buying Major Items on a Whim

The odd impulse buy can feel good and satisfy a certain need, but buying major items on a whim is rarely a good idea. Major items include those that are either expensive, or those that have a really big impact on a space. Couches Sectionals for example is something you’d want to consider carefully before buying. An expensive rug is another. These types of pieces take up a lot of visual space and the wrong one can ruin your entire room. If you’ve got the itch and want to make an impulse buy for you home, stick with inexpensive accessories.

Parents: How to Prevent Bunk Bed Accidents

Anna, of Sudbury, Ohio, bought her boys a bunk bed. But it was their sister Minah, then 5, who ended up in the hospital because of it.

“She was climbing up the bunk’s steps and her dress got caught underfoot,” Anna says. “She fell onto her Calico Critters house, which was made of hard plastic, and split her scalp open.” Fortunately, the ER doctors were able to repair Minah’s injury. “Lots of blood,” says Anna, “but she was okay.”

Scary as the Anna’ story is, it’s hardly unique, according to a sweeping study of nonfatal bunks beds-related injuries in the journal “Pediatrics.” It found that more than 35,000 patients under age 21 landed in emergency rooms each year between 1990 and 2005 due to a bunk bed bang-up.


Seventy-three percent of the cases were falls such as Minah’s. Others were caused by jumping, malfunctions of the bed’s structure and other incidents. The most common injuries were lacerations (30 percent), cuts and abrasions (24 percent) and fractures (about 20 percent). Between 1990 and 1999, the Consumer Product Safety Commission also received reports of nearly 60 deaths.

Making bunk beds safer

Given how common cheapest bunk bed accidents are, you may want to think twice before buying one. On the other hand, they can save tons of space and kids do love them. If a bunk bed is right for your family, take these steps to avoid a bunk bed nightmare:

  • Follow assembly instructions to the letter. Don’t assume you know which pieces fit together on sight or substitute homemade parts for any included in the box, either.
  • Make sure there are guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. These should extend a minimum of five inches beyond the top of the mattress. Gaps in the guardrails must be three and a half inches or narrower. Otherwise a small child could fit her head between the rails, get stuck and strangle. If necessary, add additional rails to fill in the gaps. Your child shouldn’t be able to slide under the guardrail when the mattress is compressed by his body weight. If he can, put a thick pad under the mattress, or buy a new one that’s thicker by design.
  • Check the upper and lower bunk carefully to make sure there are no openings wide enough for a child’s head, torso, or an arm or leg to pass through.
  • Place the cheap loft beds in the corner of a room so only two sides are exposed and the bed is braced against two walls.
  • Use the proper size mattress for the top and bottom bunks. Make sure the foundation for each mattress is stable and well supported. There should be slats or wires running directly underneath the mattress that are fastened well on both ends.
  • Teach children to climb the ladder carefully. Thereought to be a light within reach and nightlight nearby. Also tell kids not to horse around on the ladder or the bunk bed. Never set up a bunk bed near a ceiling fan.
  • Lay down the law that kids should use the ladder to climb up to the top bunk and nothing else. Other pieces of furniture, such as dressers and chairs, shouldn’t be used to reach the to
  • Only let kids 6 and older sleep in the top bunk. Most younger children aren’t coordinated enough to stop themselves from falling off or to climb down safely.
  • Ban kids from tying belts, ropes, scarves or other objects to a cheap loft bed. They can pose a strangulation risk . Keep the area around the bunk clear of toys or sharp objects a child might fall onto.
  • Remove connectors and dowels if you later separate the bunk beds into twin beds.
  • Go over the rules even if your kids are teens. The “Pediatrics”study found that half of injuries occurred in children under the age of 6, but the other half involved older children and young adults up to age 21. In fact, there were as many injuries among individuals aged 18 to 21 as there were among teens from 14 to 17 years old. It’s never too early — or too late — to be aware of a bunk bed’s potential danger.

Six Do’s and Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

When it comes to leather furniture, there are a few simple things owners can do to keep their investment in the best condition. With proper maintenance, homeowners will find that their furniture looks better and better each year. Though it’s known for durability, this type of furniture should still be treated with care. Wrinkles can add a distinguished look to a piece of furniture, but large scuffs and tears in the leather can be an eyesore. When properly attended to, leather furniture will age with style and grace. Owners can help keep their leather furniture looking rich and supple by following these simple do’s and don’ts.

Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

People who would like their leather furniture to have a long and healthy life should protect the furniture from unnecessary wear and tear. Just because it’s durable, doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Here are a few things owners should not do if they want their leather reclining sofas or furniture to look outstanding for many years to come.

Don’t Neglect Leather Furniture

The worst thing an owner of leather furniture can do is nothing at all. The lifespan of a piece of furniture can be shortened dramatically by not taking the time to maintain it correctly. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people expect that leather reclining sofa and chairs will be fine without any special attention. Those who choose to ignore and neglect their leather furniture will soon be wondering why it looks so dirty and damaged. Homeowners should also be diligent about quickly cleaning up any spills on their leather power recliner sofa, chairs, and ottomans.

Don’t Let Stains Set

Though leather furniture is harder to stain than fabric upholstery, spills should still be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent discoloration. First, any excess spillage should be carefully removed before it does further damage. A dry, soft cloth can be used to blot the area. Often, spills can be removed before they stain the sofa reclining leather, without the need for additional cleaning products. A wet cloth can be used on some spills if dry blotting is not enough, but applying water to a grease stain could make matters worse. Greasy or oily stains may need professional attention, so owners are cautioned against spilling food on leather furniture. A mild water – based cleaner can be used on especially hard-to-remove stains that are not oil-based, but no products should be applied without first conducting a spot test.

Don’t Forget to Spot Test Any Potential Maintenance Product

The leathers used to make furniture can vary, which means that not all cleaning and stain removal products will have the same effect. Even formulas that claim to be made for any kind of leather could potentially cause damage, so owners are advised to first test any new cleaners or conditioners before applying them all over. This can be done by dabbing a small amount of the product and double reclining sofa on the leather, in a spot that is normally hidden from view. A small corner on the back of a piece is a good place for a spot test, and it will allow the owner to see the effects of a product without ruining his or her furniture in the process.

Do’s to Maintaining Leather Furniture

Though it may appear that way, older leather couches do not gain a distinguished patina if simply left in a corner to collect dust. The distinctive look of well-aged leather comes from properly caring for the piece when it’s not in use, and from knowing the right way to clean it. By taking some advice from the following list of maintenance suggestions of sofas stores, owners can have their leather furniture looking better than ever.

Do Dust and Vacuum Leather Furniture

Regularly dusting leather furniture is one of the easiest things people can do to keep it looking sharp. Large furniture dusters make it easy to clean even hard to reach spots. Dusting will help the leather look vibrant rather than dingy, and it will prevent dirt from being worked into the creases. A vacuum cleaner is another useful tool for maintaining leather furniture because it can reach crumbs and other debris hidden in tiny crevices. Homeowners should consider vacuuming their furniture just as often as they vacuum the floors. Another option is to keep leather furniture covered so that it won’t need to be dusted or vacuumed as often.

Do Keep Leather Furniture Covered

Individuals should consider covering their leather furniture with lightweight sheets when not in use. This will protect it from dirt and dust, and it won’t need to be cleaned as often. This will also keep sunlight off the furniture, which can dry out and crack the leather over time. When leather furniture is located in a high-traffic area, a slipcover might be more effective at keeping grease and grime at bay. Homeowners who want to be sure their leather furniture looks great every time they uncover it should also clean and condition the leather every few months.

Do Nourish and Condition Leather Furniture

People who are committed to maintaining their leather furniture should also consider cleaning and conditioning it every so often. There are many suitable cleaning products that can be used to wipe down leather furniture and cushions. Saddle soap effectively removes built-up dirt and dust while also improving the appearance of the leather. Microfiber and other lint-free rags work well for cleaning and maintaining this type of furniture. Special conditioning products, sometimes called hide food, can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of leather upholstery, but in a pinch, olive oil will also work in a similar fashion. Though the benefits of well-planned maintenance may not be instantly apparent, over time, these small measures will leave leather furniture looking aged to perfection.

Where to Buy Products for Maintaining Leather Furniture

Owners who would like to begin maintaining their Ashley Recliner Sofa can start by collecting all the necessary tools. Cleaning products can easily be found in many retail locations. Grocery stores and supermarkets are likely to have plenty of options, and pharmacies might also carry leather cleaners and conditioners. Department stores are a good source of cleaning products and other helpful items such as lint-free cleaning rags and extendable dusters. Stores that exclusively sell leather goods will certainly offer various maintenance products. Saddle shops, which specialize in equestrian gear, generally have a supply of leather cleaners which could also be used on furniture, and they often sell buffing tools as well. Many online retailers also carry these items. Buyers who want to compare a number of available products can also shop online auction sites like eBay.

Find Leather Furniture Maintenance Products on eBay

If you just bought a new piece of leather furniture, or if you have decided to start maintaining an older piece, you may want to pick up a few items to help care for it. By searching the eBay auction listings, you can find various applicable tools for maintaining leather. Once you compare the options and decide you want to make a purchase, eBay encourages you to use PayPal to complete your transaction.

Compare Products and Prices

After searching for leather maintenance products on eBay, you’ll find there are a number of listings for useful items. By selecting refinements from the list on the left side of every search results page, you can narrow down the choices based on features such as price, seller, and buying format. If you are interested in a product, add it to your Watch List, where you’ll be able to easily access the listing if you decide to bid or use the Buy it Now feature.

Use PayPal for Secure Purchases

Though eBay accepts a number of payment methods, PayPal is preferred by most buyers and sellers. Every listing will tell you which payments options are accepted by that seller, so you should always take this information into consideration before making a purchase. PayPal is a safe and secure way to shop online, and it won’t require you to divulge any personal information to the seller. Most top-rated sellers will be more than happy to accept PayPal payments.


Regardless of the style, leather furniture requires regular maintenance to look its best. This type of upholstery is prized for its quality and durability, and it can be a sophisticated addition to any room. Yet without proper care, the leather may become dingy, losing its supple feel and glossy appearance. Rather than ignoring their leather furniture, homeowners should keep in mind that a few small measures can make all the difference. By remembering to keep leather furniture covered, owners can prevent unwanted sun damage and protect against spills. It’s recommended that owners of leather furniture clean and condition each piece occasionally, as this will help keep the leather nourished and less prone to cracks. When maintained correctly and consistently, leather furniture can last for many years without needing a great deal of attention. Buyers looking for a huge selection of leather maintenance products can start by browsing the many options available on eBay.



Home Office Desk – You’re lucky to have a room when all of which can be used as your home office. Or perhaps you have only one corner in the family room dedicated to this purpose. You also want to make sure that this room includes a l shape desks or computer desk in your room. When is considering a proper desk to your room, make sure to choose the appropriate size, shape and configuration for your needs.

If you have a smaller space, then you will use it properly yet functional. That table to be placed in that space. When you are looking for the perfect table, make sure that it will be enough for your computer. Although you can find a computer table in the whole place, you have to make sure, especially when you buy a smaller table. Where those modern home office desk can accommodate all the components you need. A smaller table is often just to write it. Which may not be too high and comfortable to use as a computer desk. You can find a computer table in all its forms. And let you choose the corner table which had the shape or just go straight to your room.


The corner home l shape desk is a great solution for meeting rooms. And they utilize the space that is often unused. However, if you want to put a lot of things on the table, then the table can directly offer better surface space for you. Whatever you choose, think about what you will do at the table. And make sure that you choose the right one for all of your tasks. For example, if you need space for browsing on a computer or through reference books and writing on paper, this small corner table may not be the best choice. However, if you’re just browsing online, and answering email, then later a corner table might actually be perfect.

If you plan to insert your table into the other corner of the room, you might consider using a small closet desk for your computer room. This table is really useful, and can only be closed when not in use. When opened completely, the table is turned into an office. A home office desk with cabinets would be the perfect solution when you need to share your office space with public space in your home. Because it offers plenty of room to work, and everything is neat and orderly when closed.

On the essentials Ashley Furniture Outlets designs the furniture, desks, tables for small spaces like small office for small spaces modular. Office Ashley Furnitures small spaces are an unobtrusive desk to make the smallspace home office is made desk for an office table wood workstation espresso brown brand new home office with this little desk and other.

Prices choose from modgsi. Huge selection of modern executive corner desks with this multitier contemporary mobile laptop stands that are perfect addition to be more ideas modern corner modern and l desk corner desk design shop modern contemporary home office computer desk from sears brown desks for your home office efficiency from modgsi. Modern corner desks for home office, one for yourself. A selection of desks to modern corner l shaped desk sets retro desks as writing and more than just contemporary air within the warmth of contemporary desks corner desks contemporary corner desks in a new computer desk for an executive corner.


Ashley Furnitures, clink! Here’s to ringing in 2018 in style. A new year will be here before we know it and this year we’ve decided to countdown to midnight at home with some of our closest friends. For inspiration on how we’re getting the party started, click here:


First things first, let’s talk eats and drinks. Let’s be honest, you know all of your friends’ first question after RSVP’ing will be: “what are we having?” And can you blame them? The holidays are a time to really treat yourself and New Year’s Eve is no exception. Break out your most fabulous dinnerware by using Ashley Furniture and serve the thing that tastes best with champagne: Lobster. Mac. And. Cheese. Is there anything more special than lobster and bubbly? We think not. Here’s a fabulous recipe we’ll be whipping up:


yield: SERVES 8

total time: 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES


  • 3 (6 to 7 oz) lobster tails thawed or fresh
  • 1 to 2 pounds noodles of your choice, macaroni or fancy.
  • 2 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded gruyere cheese
  • 1 1/4 cups shredded parmigiano-reggiano cheese
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 4-5 oz cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup white wine
  • 1 chopped shallot
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


Preheat oven to 350.

Shell, clean, and coarsely chop lobster meat. Have patience. Set aside.

Grate all 3 cheeses. Add 2 cups of heavy cream to a double boiler, followed by cream cheese. Add small amount of the shredded cheese to the double boiler, mixing with a whisk. Repeat until the cheese is gone.

Boil water and cook your pasta. Set aside.

Add olive oil and butter to a skillet on med-high. Add chopped shallot and minced garlic. Add lobster meat and saute for 1-2 minutes or until meat becomes opaque. Add 1/4 cup white wine. Saute for another 1-2 minutes then set aside off heat.

If cheese mixture needs thinned out, add white wine in 1/4 cup increments, whisking it in.

In a baking dish, layer pasta, lobster mix, and cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.


Before your guests arrive, plan out where you’d like everyone to mix and mingle before dinner is served. We love the idea of having everyone hang out with the Ashley Furniture Desks in the living room. You can put on your favorite music hits of 2017 or even a classic movie everyone will love. This is also where you can set out nibbles. Place trays of appetizers atop ottomans or poufs. This will bring a cozy element to your party, and keep everyone out of your hair while you put the finishing touches on your epic pasta dish in the kitchen.


To really set your dining table apart, decorate it with a New Year’s Eve theme in mind. Make a centerpiece out of noise makers, place flowers in an empty champagne bottle and give everyone a fun hat or tiara to wear. Once the lobster mac and cheese is golden brown and ready to be served, have everyone sit down and raise a glass.

Ashley Furniture Outlets

Welcome the Porter Collection to your home to bring a rustic and traditional feel. This collection features dining and bedroom pieces that are made with select cherry veneer and hardwood solids in a burnished brown finish. Drawers feature a dark bronze colored knob and back plate with dovetail construction, ball bearing drawer glides and felt or cedar lined drawer bottoms. Turned legs, bun feet, paneled drawers and double X designs are featured throughout this collection. Transform your home into a warm, inviting and comfortable haven for you and your family to enjoy with the Porter Collection.

The Porter collection is a great option if you are looking for Traditional Ashley Furniture in Cleveland, Eastlake, Westlake, Mentor, Medina, Ohio area.

Here’s to 2018. May all your pain be champagne. Cheers!