Furniture Stores

The furniture industry has a long history. From the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians through the Middle Ages, the craft of furniture has been developed with technology. Where furniture was necessarily manually made, the twentieth century saw technological advancement allowing all kinds of furniture to be automated and mass-produced.

In the United States, the furniture industry began with traditional craftsmanship. As the division of labor, which has started with task handling, in the nineteenth century began to increase the production of furniture through the distribution and the furniture production and sales were evolved. Furniture Warehouse and outlets had introduced later on too. History has shown that interest rates and housing construction affect the furniture industry. If the economic indicators are strong, the furniture industry has higher retail. Between 1992 and 1993, 5-6 percent growth in upholstered wooden furniture grew, increasing the market for manufacturers.

Statistics compiled by the US Department of Commerce in 1987, mention 6,819 wholesale furniture distribution companies with a combined turnover totaling $ 18.63 billion. In 1996, sales rose to $ 28.78 billion, with an estimated 7194 companies. Employment in the furniture industry rose from about 69,000 in 1992 to about 81,000 in 1996. At the end of the nineties, much of the industrial growth of sales came to offices, hotels and restaurants. Furniture Outlets had increased and had insignificant role in the furniture industry.

Furniture Stores Ohio

So furniture stores are very important because furniture is the need of every home from years or if I say from centuries so this would not be wrong. Furnitures and there designs has a very special effect and these are developed with the passage of time and needs. Today furniture are using in almost all aspects of the living like houses, offices, cinemas, industries, film industry, hotels, in government and non government organizations, for special events, for decoration, in celebrations etc.

At Northeast Factory Direct we are committed to bringing you the best furniture because we furniture store to inspire your home. We produce large local and imported products and offer you these at competitive prices. We do this in two ways. Every day we run new campaigns of exciting and innovative home and furniture. We also offer a permanent, continuous department store department, where you can compare and compare our most popular stools, bunk beds, TV sets, bedroom furniture, replica furniture, lighting, carpets and more. We seek quality and value and we promise you with great customer service. Happy shopping!


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