Ashley Bunk Beds

If you have limited space or simply need more space, or simply follow your own preference, you can observe space-saving bunk beds as good space filling for you or your children. Actually buying a space-saving bunk is not just a matter of better functionality; It is about fashion and style too. Modern bunk beds are designed to fit perfectly with the environment and even better show the surroundings of your house.

Ashley Bunk Beds

Why bunk beds are a great idea

If you are saving some space in your bedroom or house urgently, you will be looking for bunk beds probably what you would do. These beds are extremely space saver, and also have other benefits that the price is worth paying for them. Another reason to have bunks bed is that kids love bunk beds. The bunk beds are ideal for small homes with two or more children. When going vertical, save at least 8 square meters. That means more space for the child to play and more room for other furniture. Here are some of the benefits of bunk beds.

  • Every child loves bunk beds. They like the idea that they have their own cozy little space to play.
  • Children’s rooms are generally smaller than the other rooms. These beds can free up some space needed by taking full advantage of your unused vertical space. You can use these spaces to store items such as toys and mini cabinets.
  • If you have two children, each of them gets their personal bed to sleep in. Each stack is easily customizable with their favorite bedding, throwing cushions or clamping on reading lamps.
  • With a more compact home, operating costs are also reduced, such as electricity and cleaning is much easier.
  • If necessary, bunk beds can easily be separated into two separate beds.

Safe For Children

One of the main concerns about using a bunk bed for children is the risk of injury due to falling the upper bunk bed. Current guidelines recommend that the top stack be used only by children at least 6 years old. If you buy a ashley bunk beds, it is important to look for products that are very well made, sturdy in their construction and comply with safety standards. It is important to use the correct mattress. Most bunk beds advise a mattress not longer than 6 “so that the child does not sleep over the guardrail. Also, make sure that children sleep at the end of the stack to the wall and away from the ladder. For more safety, parents can use pillows Arranged to prevent the child from falling.

Northeast Factory Direct

Difference between Wood & Metal

Bunks Bed are usually made of metal or wood. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Metal stacks are lighter and cheaper, but are less aesthetically pleasing. Wooden bunk beds are an innovative type of bed recently launched. They come in different designs look and feel and, as you would expect, they are more expensive compared to metal Bunks Bed. Wood piles are stronger and less likely to have a much lower weight or strength.


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