Discounted Kitchen Cabinets

The Northeast Factory Direct is a leading online distributor of kitchen and bathroom furniture in the country. We deliver our premium pantry to your home or work as little as 7-14 days, with an average savings of 30-50% from local stores. Our mission is to provide you with high quality cabinets, fast delivery and provide superior service at a price you can afford.

You do not have to travel for miles or, in fact, traveling everywhere – to buy direct luxury furniture. We do not only first class quality cabinets but sell the discounted kitchen cabinets which is cheap with the best first class quality. Our products have all the characteristics of the first quality cabinets: noble materials, precise cuts and exquisite designs. Our easy-to-use online ordering system makes buying cabinets a bit from the comfort of your home and without the pressure of busy sellers!

We are an online store without the overhead of a stone and mortar location, so we can reduce the price to make the kitchen cabinets cheapest and save your money. In today’s difficult economic situation are tight budgets kitchen reform. Our low budget kitchen furniture is offering a cheap alternative to cheap design pantries, and you need the quality of the home’s design.

savannah-northeast factory direct

Whether your kitchen theme is traditional, modern or transitional, we have a jamb cupboard door to fit your project. Our best quality and kitchen cabinets cheap features define us that how much we care for our buyers. Our kitchen furniture is of the highest quality in the market. Many styles use maple, oak, cherry and grade plywood constructions A feature, drawers filled with solid black birch, soft drawers and door hinges, and combining the interior and side finishes. Shaker White, Spice Maple, Savannah, Chestnut Pillow, Wellington Spice, Wellington Spice, Wellington Cinnamon and many more of our products are available in the gallery, please have a look.



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