Types of Bunk Beds

A bunks bed is a kind of bed where a bed frame is placed on top of another. The mattress is placed on a shallow surface, the bunkie board, and can be surrounded by rails. This is how bunk beds allow  two or more people to sleep in the same room, maximizing the available floor space for other activities. Bunk beds could be used for children, hostels, camps etc.

bunk beds - northeastfactorydirect.jpg

When you are choosing a bunk bed for your kids, you should explore the bunk bed store carefully that which type is best for you? Before setting out to buy your kid’s bunk bed, remember the three most important rules of furniture buying:

  • Also get some input from your child and finalize your needs to have bunk bed.
  • Check and measure the space you have and do not forget to measure the ceiling height when buying a bunk bed.
  • Determine your budget
  • Count the number of your rooms and how much bunk bed do you want?

Basic Bunk Beds

A basic bunk bed consists of two beds one over the other. It is presented in a bed above a different bed or a double bed on a large bed. Most of the basic bunk beds can be separated and used as two single beds if required.

Futon Bunk Beds

The futon bunk bed is provided with a high bed for a futon. Usually, the high bed doubles, but it can also be a full size. This is a multi functional design that allows you to use the futon as a sofa during the day. If necessary, the opening night of the futon can to give another bunk. This is good for sleeping, or if it is a smaller room, and needs extra space during the day.

L shaped Bunk Beds

The L-shaped berth is a variation on the basic bunks bed. It has the same amount of sleeping space in a different configuration: the high bed is placed at a right angle to the bottom stack. This configuration requires more space than the base berth, but can be a good choice if you are not hampered by lack of space.

Loft Bed and Drawer Storage

The basic loft bed offers great flexibility in the design of a nursery. It is composed of a high bed in a double or full size suspended over an open space. There are so many possibilities with this style. Use empty space as a study area or play or place a storage area underneath.

Twin Loft Bed

A junior loft bed is very similar to a basic loft bed, but it is lower to the ground, and more suitable for younger children. Some junior loft beds have added features such as slides and tents to be more game oriented.

Triple Bunk Beds

A triple berth is an L-shaped configuration that is perfect for three children or to accommodate guests for sleeping. The third bed is usually lofted and attached to the upper berth. This configuration leaves options for using the space under the loft, which can be used for additional seating or consider putting in a dresser for additional storage.

Bunk Bed Safety

Bunk beds operate at height so ensuring that children remain safe while using them is paramount. Most bunk beds come in flat pack form, which means they need to be constructed from the ground up. It is pivotal that safety is considered and parents should always pay attention to the safety regulations. Ashley Bunk Beds has a very good reputation in this regard you should try this one.


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