Advantages & Disadvantages of Bunk Beds

The bunks beds are perfect for children. These space-efficient and fun for kids, but the correct type, size and design to choose is not as easy as it seems. A litter must be safe, durable and children have to like it, the past is the most difficult of all. So, how to choose the right litter for your children? These tips may help.

  • First, measure the room
  • Choose a type
  • Decide what features are important
  • Make sure it is age-related
  • Make sure it is durable

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The Advantages of Bunk Beds

  • Each of our girls have their own bed to sleep, give them their own space. Bunks Bed means more space in your small room. This allows us to keep the toys in your room. Two double beds leave about two meters of space to walk between their beds. A full size bed or a queen because most of your room.
  • If someone in the middle of the night sick or have an accident, you should wake up to change the sheets (as you would if sharing a bed).
  • In time, berths can be separated into two separate beds.
  • They can be great fun for children to play.

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The Disadvantages of Bunks Bed

  • Children can fall off the ladder when climbing up or down. It may fall to the bottom or top of the stack if they are not careful. They can smash his head or trunk or metal rails.
  • Not as easy as you can hardly reach the upper stack or on top of the bed to climb.
  • The child may possibly exceed the ceiling, lights, ceiling fans, curtains or higher is higher in your room.
  • In the middle of the night, which was upstairs can not see and can cause problems, because they dream body and fatigue.
  • The insertion of the child at the top may not be easy if the litter is very high. Or give them their kissing and hugging fit.

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