How to Reface Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

New project for a new year: Update your cabinets without replacing them entirely, as a DIY project or with help from a pro

It may not always be practical or affordable to rebuild the kitchen cabinets or bathroom. Or you may like your cabinets, but they just need a refresh. Refacing them might be the best solution. But what does refacing involve? As with most construction projects, the answer depends on lots of details.


First step: Determine if your cabinets can take the restoration process well enough to be revitalized for at least another 10 years of life. If the cabinet body, or carcass, is in bad structural shape, is water damaged or will not take to refinishing well enough, you might have to replace the cabinets in a full kitchen remodel.

Why reface: In the most basic process, you will be leaving the discounted kitchen cabinets intact and in its same place. This avoids the expense and effort of taking out and replacing the entire cabinet. So the advantages are less expense, less material going to the landfill and a less-complicated construction process.

Consider color an ally in making decisions about how to update the look of your cabinets. The verdigris tone shown here is a soothing complement to the hardwood floor, and allows a wonderful contrasting color pop of apple red at the range. Notice the rusticated patina of the finish, which adds dimension to the scheme. Other details, such as the beadboard panels, bottle cubbyholes, plate rack and arch impression, give this design lots of character.

Is this a good project for you? If your discount cabinets have sturdy frames, refacing can be a good solution. The degree to which you refurbish the cabinets is up to you. Simply painting or retaining them can have a dramatic effect. In some cases it is desirable to replace the doors and drawer fronts with a completely different door style or wood species. Replacing the hardware, pulls and knobs is another option to consider, and can make a nice difference inexpensively. Repairing damaged wood can also be part of this process. Combinations and variations of each of these options defines refacing cabinets.

Permit: As long as you are not changing any electrical or plumbing, you probably can do this project without a permit. Check with a design professional or ask the local building department and describe your intentions in detail to find out for certain.

Project length: Simpler modifications can be accomplished in a weekend, and even the most involved projects can probably be completed within one month.
Best time to do this project: This is a project for the winter, after the holidays and before Easter, or in the fall before Halloween. Summer might be too hot, depending on your climate, or it might be best in milder climates.

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Overview of Major Annual Furniture Sales and Events

Can you find knockout deals at all Ashley furniture stores sales events? Not all furniture sales events merit equal attention, but if you’re looking to buy furniture maybe you should pay attention to some of them.

Why Do We Have Sales?

You may have noticed that Ashley Furnitures sales events are centered around major holidays and 3-4 day weekends. This is to make it convenient for buyers so they have time to shop for something like furniture.

It can be a time-consuming buying process as there are so many decisions and so many choices.

There are two main reasons for holding these sales events:

  • One is to cater to a demand for a certain type of furniture which is in demand at certain times of the year. For instance, you get better deals on dining rooms around Labor Day since there is a greater consumer demand for them getting close to the holiday season. No single time of the year or sales event is the best to buy all furniture, but different sales at different times of the year are better for getting deals on certain types of furniture.
  • The second reason for holding sales is that retailers want to move old inventory to make room for the new. From the furniture retailer’s point of view, certain times of the year are important for moving old inventory to make room for new furniture introductions by manufacturers. This is usually at the end and the beginning of a year to coincide with furniture markets in High Point and Las Vegas when new collections are introduced.

The following are the most important Ashley furniture store sale events that we can count on every year.

Presidents Day Sales

This furniture sale coincides with Presidents Day in February and is one of the two biggest furniture sales events of the year. The sheer number of sales being held at this time makes this a competitive event, making it easier to find good prices.

Retailers invest in advertising and markdowns are taken to make prices competitive in order to bring in buyers.

What to Buy: While you can find different types of Ashley home furniture store on sale too, this is a good time to look for living room furniture and upholstery deals. It is easy to find good prices on sofas, recliners, love seats and other seating options.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Ashley outlet furniture sales events are held over the last weekend of May.

What to Buy: This sale is more of a general furniture sale. You may find good deals on recliners as Fathers Day approaches and retailers are catering to that demand. Also look at mattresses and bedroom sets. As summer starts, outdoor furniture is on sale.

Fourth of July Sales

Fourth of July furniture sales are also big as summer is a time for celebration, and also moving old furniture collections out of showrooms to make room for new furniture.

What to Buy: Everything is on sale. This one of those times of the year when you may find clearance prices on a lot of items as retailers make room for new furniture. Patio furniture sets are on sale because there is a high demand for them at this time of the year. However, for the best price on these wait till the end of summer for clearance prices.

You may be able to find good prices on back to school items and children’s furniture as demand heightens.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September and Labor Day furniture sales take place over that weekend. This is one of the biggest sales events of the year.

What to Buy: This is when you will start seeing good prices on dining room sets and other case goods as we are getting close to the holiday season. People are thinking about upcoming family reunions where everyone gathers around the dining table. Food is such a big part of the celebration. Rugs, lighting, and accessories sell well. This is the time to look for clearance prices on outdoor furniture as the summer ends.

Miscellaneous End of Year and Holiday Sales

Starting right after Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to buy furniture at clearance prices.

This time frame kicks off with Black Friday sales, and there is now Cyber Monday which is the Monday after Black Friday for online shopping.

Then there is the end of year clearance sales even at stores that normally don’t hold sales throughout the year. The upside at these sales is that you may get one-of-a-kind pieces, floor samples and discontinued furniture at tremendous discounts. The downside is that you may not be able to find exactly what you were looking for if you have something specific in mind.


To find the perfect hot tub, you first need to figure out what’s most important to you. The next step is finding out what’s available on the market, so you can pick the spa that best suits your particular needs and expectations.

This can be a little easier said than done. Today’s hot tubs are loaded with appealing features, and you may feel overwhelmed by choices. How many seats would you like? What sort of massaging jets do you need? What color would go best with your patio? Does it need to have a stereo? The sheer number of options can cause even experienced hottub shoppers to pause in their search.

Once you have a basic understanding of what you’d like in your spa, the best way to answer all the ancillary questions about what you want is to research the discount hot tubs brands and models currently on the market. By comparing the different options available to you, you can develop your preference based on the relative strengths of different models.

To give you a good idea of what’s available, we’ve created a comparison of two premium spa collections: the G2 Diamond Edition. Designed in partnership with Design works, a BMW Group Company, the Hot Spring G2 Diamond Edition is the pinnacle of modern luxury spas. Swim hot tub engineers sculpted a beautiful and energy-efficient spa for the discerning owner. The Master Spas® Michael Phelps Legend®Series spas, like their namesake, are designed to excel. Models in the Legend® Series are top-class spas from a top manufacturer, with artistic form and optimal function. By comparing these series next to each other, you’ll see what the world’s best hot tub brands have to offer.

This first chart will give you a broad overview of each series. You’ll see what’s available in terms of sizes, seats, and number of jets. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that quality matters as much as—or more than—quantity in each category. Strength and positioning can be more important than the total number of jets, and comfort and spacing may balance out a lower seat count. What’s truly right in swim hot tubs, is what’s right for your lifestyle.

While the last chart gave you a broad overview of some key features of the top-level hot tub models available from Hot Spring and Durasport G6 L Luxury, it didn’t provide much detail. That’s where this next chart comes in. We’ve taken the top spas from each series, the Durasport G2 L Luxury and the Durasport G6 L Luxury LSX 900, and listed their specifications side by side. This closer look will show you all the different features to give you some insights into how different brands approach the various aspects of their spas.

Please be aware that the specifications listed, while accurate at the time of publication, may change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, consult your local dealer or visit the appropriate branded website before making a purchase and clearance hot tubs.


There are many different hot tubs available, and the right hot tub for you will be the one that suits your lifestyle best. Now that you’ve got a good idea of which features and options are available from some of the best hot tubs on the market, you may have a better idea of which features you find the most appealing, which will help you narrow down your search for the perfect spa.

For more information on the G2 Diamond Edition Collection and other premium Hot Spring hot tubs, browse through our website or visit your local dealer. Many dealers offer test soaks, so you’ll get a chance to try your spa before you buy it. When you’ve made your choice, settle in and relax. A well-built hot tub will bring you joy for years to come.

At Hot Spring Spas, we pride ourselves on engineering quality and our innovative designs. We’ve engineered our spas to provide you with a blissful soak each time you slip into the water. Purity is guaranteed by our powerful filtration systems, while our energy-efficient construction preserves heat and conserves energy. Request information on pricing.

The Advantages of the Amazing Sectional Sofas you should get one

Sectional Sofas are very functional, sensible, attractive and fun. It has a lot of benefits I don’t know where to start. A lot of furniture stores put the pieces on display as one fitting unit on the corner. The previous way is very great. But some buyers may overlook it as they think it is very huge or very expensive. But if they think about it for a moment they will know they are worth every penny and are very multi-functional.

When a shopper tries the sectionals sofas they will know that they are very attractive and comfy. A funny thing that happens all the time; a customer wants to rest for a second; he uses the couch the second thing he is in love.

The seating portion depth differs from every manufacturer and style. For the back portion it may be a solid one piece or a number of throw-type cushions for the supporting of the back and they are eye catching. The sections and sectional couches will vary in their length depending on their purpose and design. The variation in length will lead to changing in the number of sections.

There are two-seaters, three seaters, and three seaters plus a corner chair. Another type is constructed with a set of portions that are the size of lounge chair. Others will have a foot rest attached that can be adjusted according to your preference.

Sofa sectional are wonderful for business, formal, and informal settings. They add a unique, easy, and different atmosphere to your place without costing a lot of money. The sectional sofas can be pulled apart and put at any place to change the look of the room. Or they can be used at more than one room in your office or home.

The sectional sofas are very popular as they have a lot of styles and they are affordable, attractive, and comfortable. You can use them as a conversation place or a sleeping area for a guest. You will win a lot by buying a cheapest sectional sofas; so don’t hesitate.

How to Get the Storage You Want: kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are the critical, final piece of a finished home. They transform empty space into living space. They provide pizazz, substance and, above all, organization for all kinds of things, from kitchen plates to bathroom towels to living room media equipment. But poorly designed cabinets can be frustrating, a waste of money but a lovely design but discounted kitchen cabinets are useful for long terms.

Our cabinet series will help you navigate the process of choosing well-designed discount cabinets for your home. To kick off the series, let’s go over some of the basics you’ll want to keep in mind as you embark on selecting cabinet style, materials and more.

Why: To improve the style and function of your home

First thing to consider: Determine the scope of your project and decide how many kitchen cabinets you’ll be designing and installing. If designing for an entire home, you have the opportunity to create a uniform cabinet package that suits the style of your home and complements it throughout its living spaces.

If your cabinet project consists of just one room (or a section of your home), you need to decide if the new cabinets should contrast with what exists or blend in.

What Do You Want Your Cabinets to Accomplish?

New cabinets serve different purposes for different people. If you’re building a new home, new cabinets are a necessity but also a stylistic opportunity.

On the other hand, when remodeling a discount kitchen cabinet you might be more concerned with creating an efficient workspace around a package of new appliances, or perhaps you’re most interested in achieving a specific style, like that white farmhouse kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

More often than not, a balance needs to be struck between style, functionality and cost. You should start by prioritizing your desires and acknowledging any constraints you face, such as timing, cost and the structural realities of your home.

Cabinet designers need to balance two things: style and function.

With garage cabinets, for example, storage and function are probably much more important than style. For a powder room vanity, the function (a place to wash your hands) is easily achieved, and style becomes the more important factor, which is why we see such a wide variety in powder room vanity styles. They all meet the functional criteria, but the look is limited only by the imagination.

In just about all other areas of the home, we see more of a balance between the functionality of the cabinets and the look and feel of the space. A good cabinet designer understands the basic functional requirements for different types of cabinets (media, kitchen, display) and fulfills them with seeming effortlessness while also providing fresh design of kitchen cabinets for cheap cost.

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Function Basics

So what are the basic rules a cabinet designer needs to understand? The truth is, this is where a good designer really earns his or her money, because there are far too many rules to list here, but the main one is that the functionality of the entire cabinet package should not be compromised.

As an example, here are just a few of the guidelines designers follow for kitchen cabinets:

  • Base cabinet depth of 24 inches
  • Base cabinet height of 36 inches
  • 18 inches of space between base top and upper cabinets
  • 12 inches minimum depth for upper cabinets
  • Consider the work triangle path between the sink, cooktop and refrigerator, not to exceed 26 feet total

But here’s the catch: When it comes to rules (and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg on them), each can be broken to a greatly improved effect.

The point is, a good designer knows all the basic rules and also understands where they can be adjusted to benefit your functionality and design. A good designer understands how rules can be bent to accommodate various styles while maintaining basic functionality. After all, if discount kitchen cabinets don’t function, the homeowner will surely be unhappy with the design in the long term.

Sleeper Sofa, Day Bed, or Futon

How To Choose Which Option Is Best For You!

Whether you’re short on space, looking for ways to accommodate family or friends overnight, or simply want to add additional purpose and flexibility to your living room, den, or home office, then a sleeper-style sofa, day bed, or futon may be the perfect answer. But, which one is right for you, your home, your potential guests, and your lifestyle? Well, we’ve put together some important facts and information that will help you to consider all of your options and decide just what’s best for you.

Just like with all furniture, there are certain key factors to consider when making your furniture purchase choice such as personal preference and style as well as space and size restrictions and of course cost considerations. If you are thinking of buying daybeds, futon, or sleeper sofa, however, there is one other key factor to consider due to the dual-purpose nature of these pieces (each can be used for sitting as well as for sleeping) which is,… do you plan to use it more often for sitting or for sleeping? Answer this one essential question and you will be moving in the right direction when it comes to deciding the sleeper sofa vs. futon vs. day bed dilemma.

If you plan to use your sleeper sofa, Ashley Furniture Daybeds, or futon more for sitting and less occasionally for sleeping then a sleeper sofa would likely be the best option for you. This is because a sleeper sofa is essentially a sofa first with a hidden/fold-away bed compartment and thus constructed to be the most comfortable for sitting among the three options as it is inherently constructed as a sofa for sitting. That’s not to say that you (or your guests) are doomed to a night of tossing, turning, and restless sleep when using the fold-out mattress portion of the sleeper sofa.

There have been numerous updates and improvements to sofa sleeper mattresses and mattress support structures over the years ultimately leading to a much more comfortable sleeping experience. Many of today’s modern sleeper sofa designs feature an updated and re-engineered horizontal support system for the mattress that eliminates the horizontal bar that in the past could cause back pain/discomfort. Look for a “deck” or mattress “trampoline” that has a sturdy and durable wire-mesh construction if possible fashioned in an “X” or “criss-cross” design to provide proper mattress support. Beneath the deck or trampoline – in the center section – the support legs will provide the best strength and support if they are manufactured in a U-shaped, single unit. With regards to the mattress itself, select a sleeper sofa with a mattress no less than 4” in thickness. Some manufacturers even offer mattress “upgrades” for ultra sleep comfort.


Don’t forget to consider the amount of room that you will have for the queen sofa sleeper, not only when used as a sofa for sitting, but remember that you will need proper room/space to extend the mattress when using it for sleeping. You’ll find sleeper sofas in twin, full, and queen sizes available with some manufacturers also offering custom size options. When opened for sleeping, a twin-sized sleeper sofa will take up approximately 54 inches of space in width as well as 84 inches in length. This size “sleeps” only one adult-size guest/visitor. For a full-size sleeper sofa you will need to reserve at least 72 inches of space width-wise and 90 inches of space length-wise in order to unfold and use the mattress. This size would work for two adults in terms of sleeping. A queen-size sleeper sofa measures approximately 84 inches in width and 90 inches in length when the mattress is opened and in use. Also to note, the queen size is the most popular – as well as most readily available – in terms of sleeper sofa size. It provides a spacious sleeping space for two adults as well as ample seating for 3+ people when used as a sofa.

Other important factors to consider when purchasing a sleeper-style sofa include:

  • A durable, hardwood frame. Make sure that you pay attention to the type of wood that the frame of your sofa sleeper is made of. It’s important to select a sleeper sofa with a sturdy, durable, frame that can support the weight as well as the constant motion and functionality of the sleeper sofa along with its bed/mattress frame.
  • Quality steel-constructed bed/mattress frame. Sleeper sofa bed/mattress frames manufactured of steel are sturdier than light-weight aluminum or alloy frames. Keep in mind your guests when making this decision.
  • Easy/Smooth Operating Open and Close Mechanism. The latest designs in sleeper sofas ensure for a much easier-to-operate folding and unfolding (opening/closing) process. It’s more-balanced construction eliminates much of the weight and stress placed on the open/close structure.
  • Try Before You Buy. Try out the mattress before you make your decision. After all, if you don’t think that the mattress is comfortable then your family and friends won’t likely think that its comfortable either.
  • Test it Out. Take some time to open and close the discount mattresses portion of the sleeper sofa before purchasing it as well to make sure that it is easy to move and operate. If you think that it is difficult or heavy to maneuver then your guests will probably think so as well.

Whether you have limited space or don’t want to take up your available space with an actual bed that is rarely used, a sleeper sofa is an ideal solution that provides an extra sleeping space wherever it is placed. Today’s sleeper sofas are made for today’s lifestyles and are as comfortable as they are functional and convenient. What may be best of all, sleeper sofas don’t “look” like sleeper sofas. Meaning, they don’t look any different than standard sofas. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function as they are available in a tremendous array of styles and colors and a multitude of fabric and leather options so they can match any room, home, style, or personality.


Day Bed Details

If you have somewhat limited space or want to use the space you have in a multi-functional manner, then choosing a day bed would be an ideal option – particularly if you plan to use the day bed more so for sleeping than for sitting. Since a day bed includes an actual mattress it will also undoubtedly provide the most comfortable sleeping surface from the available day bed, sleeper sofa, and futon options.

Day beds consist of three major parts – the day bed frame, the mattress support (spring or slat system), and of course the mattress itself. The frame is made of three pieces – a larger back panel plus two smaller end panels. The frame/panels can be made of various wood types, metals, or even a combination of wood and metal. And, just as with standard bed frames, be certain to select a sturdy, durable, and well-crafted frame that can easily support and handle the mattress.

Day beds are nearly exclusively designed with twin-size mattresses so are best when needing sleeping space for a single child, adult, or teen, etc. Be sure to reserve at least a 39 inch x 75 inch space to set-up your day bed. The quality of the mattress is of the utmost importance so be certain to choose a mattress that provides the proper balance of support and comfort to meet your – or the user’s – unique needs and preferences.

Day Beds are particularly ideal and useful if you do not have an entire room – and therefore the space – to devote to use as a spare bedroom or guest room. Day beds can be placed as an extra bed in a traditional bedroom, used as a child’s main bed, or placed in a sunroom, den, or home office and used for overnight guests. The space underneath the bed can also be used for additional storage space. Place storage bins or baskets underneath the day bed and fill with extra blankets, linens, towels, or anything else that you may want to store and keep out of sight.

Many day beds can also be outfitted with a “trundle bed” that can be “hidden” or stored away under the day bed providing yet an additional mattress/sleeping area when needed. The trundle bed mattress is outfitted with casters and can simply be pulled out and used when needed and stored back under the day bed when done. There are two styles of day bed trundles – or trundle beds – to choose from. The first is a drawer trundle. Drawer trundles can be pulled out from under the day bed and sit lower than the main day bed mattress. The second trundle bed style is a called a pop-up trundle. Pop-Up trundles are becoming increasing popular because once the trundle bed/mattress is pulled out from underneath the day bed it can then be elevated to match the height of the main day bed thus doubling the size of your day bed mattress into a king-size bed.

Day beds are available in metal, steel, and wood options as well as in a variety of colors and styles from classic to contemporary plus you can complete the look and comfort of your day bed with sheets, blankets, comforters, and assorted pillows and throw pillows. One of the many great things about a day bed is that you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively change the look and appearance of your day bed to coincide with the seasons, holidays, – or just based on your mood – simply by changing out the comforters and pillows placed on the day bed.

Futon Facts

So, we’ve discussed that day beds would provide the most comfort and be your best bet if you are looking for something to use as a sleep first and sit/lounge second option. Additionally, we have identified that a sleeper sofa would be ideal if you plan to use it for sitting mostly and sleeping secondly. That said,… what direction do you go in if you want a space-saving, multifunctional piece of furniture that you plan to use equally for sleeping and sitting? Your answer – for reasons of ease of use, comfort, cost considerations, and style – is a futon.

Including a futon in a guest room, living room, den, or any room in the house is a spectacular way to provide both style, comfort, and a multi-functional sitting and sleeping option for company as well as overnight guests. While a futon is a great choice for any room in the house, it is particularly useful and appealing when used/needed in a highly visible area of your home or apartment such as a living room, den, or home office. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to use the furniture frequently for both sitting and sleeping mainly because of its easy-to-operate and change from sitting to sleeping position nature as well as its look, appeal, and style.

If you are regularly switching or changing your furniture from a sitting to a sleeping position then you certainly want something that is effortless and easy to change. To that effect, a futon can be simpler/easier to convert from sitting to sleeping as you won’t have to remove the cushions and manually pull the mattress/bed out from the inside of the sofa as you would need to do with a sleeper-style sofa. With a futon, you simply have to pull the lower portion of the futon “bench” to lower the “back” of the futon so that it can be slept on. You simply do the reverse if you want to place the futon back in the sitting/sofa position.

Another big advantage of a futon as compared to a day bed is that if placed in a living room or den, a futon certainly looks the part of a couch or sofa more than a day bed due to its construction and style. Additionally, it is a cost-effective choice/option, typically falling on the lower end of the price scale when compared to both sleeper sofas and day beds. Part of the reason for its value and inexpensive price point lies in its simple but sophisticated construction.

Futons are generally constructed of three main components or parts. The first being the frame itself which is typically constructed of metal, steel or hardwood. The second component is the mattress and the third is the mattress cover.

Since the futon frame supports the mattress – and ultimately your (or the user’s) weight – it is important that you select a quality frame manufactured from metal, steel, or hardwood such as maple. There are no shortages of styles, designs, and colors to choose from, however, with many stylish options available. When choosing a mattress for your futon – particularly if you will be using it for sleeping frequently – then take caution to choose a supportive yet comfortable mattress that is no less than 6 inches in thickness. With regards to the mattress cover, since it will be seeing constant use, selecting a durable mattress cover that can handle such usage is vital. However, if you wish to change the color, look, style, or design of your futon mattress cover this can be easily accomplished by purchasing a new one and simply replacing the current cover at any time.

Futons are available in an incredible number of sizes from smaller 28” and 39” futon “chair” sizes to twin, loveseat, full, double, queen, king, and even california king size futons up to 72” in width and 84” in length. So whatever your needs or room size restrictions there is sure to be a viable futon option to meet your needs!

There are three main styles of futon frames as well, the bi-fold, tri-fold, and loveseat frame. The bi-fold frame most closely resembles a standard sofa or couch and is constructed of two connected slat racks – the one that is used for sitting and the other that forms the back of the futon or back rest. To change the futon from a “couch” to a “bed” one simply has to pull the back portion down by pulling on the lower portion of the frame. Bi-fold futons use the length of the mattress as the sofa/couch and thus provide the most seating/sitting area.

A tri-fold (or A-Frame) futon employs a tri-fold style mattress. The “unused” third portion of the mattress can then be folded under the main seating area when used as a couch or hung over the back rest portion of the futon when used as a couch. Tri-fold futons use the width portion of the mattress for “couch sitting” so there is essentially less sitting space although they still can provide ample double or queen-size sleeping surfaces. The loveseat style frame is made for a two-piece type futon mattress for twin or double bed-sized futons. The loveseat style frame is like the tri-fold frame in that the width of the mattress is used for the sofa seating area and again, is superb for smaller spaces.

If you’re looking for comfortable and functional furniture that can be used for both sitting and sleeping regularly then a futon may be the perfect solution for you and your home. Futons are generally less expensive than both day beds and sleeper sofas, are lighter and less cumbersome to use and set–up than sleeper sofas (particularly if used regularly for sitting and sleeping) as futons use the same frame and mattress for sitting and sleeping, and provide a more contemporary look and style over day beds when placed in a living room, den, or office.

Sleeper sofas, day beds, and futons are all tremendous multi-functional furnishings that provide the owner and user with exceptional sitting and sleeping options. Which one is right for you and your home? The information above can certainly help point you in the right direction but remember the choice is ultimately yours

How to choose best recliner for yourself

A sofa recliner is one piece of furniture that holds pride of place in your household. It is not only a comfortable addition to your home, but it also has the ability to take care of your physical problems in the most effective and non-intrusive ways. However, in order to get the right recliner, you have to take a number of factors into consideration. When you invest in a recliner, you have to make sure that is suits the shape of the body, and also your budget and that is of a material that you are comfortable using. With these basic factors in mind, you have to consider other factors as well, before you can finally decide on what sort of  sofa with recliner you want for yourself.

Considering Durability And Comfort 

When you are investing in a sofa reclining, durability is one of the most important factors that you have to consider when you are buying. This is because recliners are long term investments, and when you are buying one, you expect several years of consistent service from them, no matter how often it is used. The material that is used in the recliner also determines its durability. Recliners are available in different materials, and depending on the material that you find comfortable and easy to handle, you can invest accordingly.

The material also determines the comfort that the reclining sofas offers to the use. Leather is a very durable material, and much favored by people who are looking for recliners. It is also easier to maintain than the alternative, which is fabric. However, in some cases, it is seen that fabric recliners are more comfortable than leather ones, because of their soft surface and comfortable weave. Depending on the amount of time that you are willing to dedicate to your recliner for its washing and maintenance, you can choose from any option, which you find comfortable and durable.

Considering The Mechanics In Your Recliner

Depending on the look of your room, and also the amount of space in your room, you can choose the kind of recliner that will best suite your needs from sofas stores. If you have a small room, then you have to choose those recliners which consume less amount of space, while not compromising on the comfort factor. Even when it is in the reclined position, it should look compact. However, in case of large rooms, you can get recliners which stretch out to a large extent with its backrest and footrest.

The Budget 

This is another important factor that you have to consider when you are picking out a recliner for yourself. The budget is very important because it can determine things like the size, the material, the features and other things about your power recliner sofa. You have to have a very clear idea about the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your recliner, so that you can make the optimal choice, within your budget.

When you are choosing your recliner, you have to take care of certain final things, before you can actually purchase it. Before you buy, it is always best to test it, and make sure that you will feel comfortable and at home in the recliner. You also need to know what the different things are that you have to take care of in the recliner to increase durability. You must make sure that your recliner packs all the features that you need, in order to have a comfortable experience.

The Advantages of the Amazing Sectional Sofas you should get one

Sectional Sofas are very functional, sensible, attractive and fun. It has a lot of benefits I don’t know where to start. A lot of Ashley Furnitures stores put the pieces on display as one fitting unit on the corner. The previous way is very great. But some buyers may overlook it as they think it is very huge or very expensive. But if they think about it for a moment they will know they are worth every penny and are very multi-functional.

When a shopper tries the Sectional sofas they will know that they are very attractive and comfy. A funny thing that happens all the time; a customer wants to rest for a second; he uses the couch the second thing he is in love.

The seating portion depth differs from every manufacturer and style. For the back portion it may be a solid one piece or a number of throw-type cushions for the supporting of the back and they are eye catching. The sections of sectional couches will vary in their length depending on their purpose and design. The variation in length will lead to changing in the number of sections.

There are two-seaters, three seaters, and three seaters plus a corner chair. Another type is constructed with a set of portions that are the size of lounge chair. Others will have a foot rest attached that can be adjusted according to your preference.

Sofa Sectional are wonderful for business, formal, and informal settings. They add a unique, easy, and different atmosphere to your place without costing a lot of money. The sectional sofas can be pulled apart and put at any place to change the look of the room. Or they can be used at more than one room in your office or home.

The sectional sofas are very popular as they have a lot of styles and they are affordable, attractive, and comfortable. You can use them as a conversation place or a sleeping area for a guest. You will win a lot by buying a Sectionals Sofas; so don’t hesitate.

Memorial Day Ashley Furnitures Sales

The Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season for retailers and shoppers alike. Not coincidentally, this also happens to be one of the major sales event times of the year. Ashley Furnitures is traditionally on sale during Memorial Day, but so are lots of summer-related items, like summer clothing and outdoor equipment. But just because it’s a big sale time doesn’t mean it’s the best sale time for every item.

Here’s a quick look at what tends to be the lowest around Memorial Day and what might be lower at another time of the year.

Best Deals on Memorial Day

While all kinds of home furnishings and accessories and all-things summer tend to go on sale around Memorial Day, this is an especially good time to buy:

  • Cheapest Mattress: You can expect discounts of 50 to 60 percent over Memorial Day weekend. Bedding and related items also tend to be greatly reduced. Bedroom furniture may also be discounted at many stores.
  • Spring clothing: While summer clothes are only moderately reduced around Memorial Day, spring clothes often are drastically reduced to make way for the peak of summer shopping.
  • Home appliances: Following the trend of bedding and furniture at Ashley Home Furniture Store, major appliance retailers (including the big home improvement stores) often slash prices for Memorial Day.
  • Sports equipment: Sporting goods retailers are ramping up for summer (and capitalizing on spring fever), lowering prices on boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, camping gear, and outdoor apparel and accessories.

So-So Deals on Memorial Day

These items tend to be on sale over Memorial Day, but they’re typically discounted even more at other times of the year:

  • Outdoor furniture: Fall is usually the best time to buy patio furniture. Of course, that’s like buying a bathing suit in November, but given the cost of quality outdoor furniture at Ashley Furniture Stores, it can be worth it to wait on your purchase until the end of the season and store your new furniture for next summer.
  • Tools: Tools are often on sale over Memorial Day, but they’re usually reduced even more for Father’s Day, just a few weeks later.
  • Lawn/Yard equipment: Lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. are cheapest after the summer season. If you’re making a major purchase, it’s probably worth the wait.
  • Summer clothes: While fashionistas must outfit themselves before each season, if you can wait until June (or so), you’ll save big on swimsuits and summer clothing. You’ll save even more at the end of summer at Ashley Furniture Outlets.

Tips for Memorial Day Shopping

If you are buying in a Ashley Furniture Store, make sure to talk to a salesperson and ask about special discounts and savings. You might be able to get even better prices, and it never hurts to ask. Many retailers also offer special financing on furniture and major appliances, such as one year with no interest. When shopping online, you should be able to get free shipping or special rates when you spend a certain amount. You will also find offers for free home delivery, or the option to pick up your online purchase at your nearest store.


Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning a hot tub, but you don’t know how to make that dream a reality. Maybe your family members are eager to add a hot tub to your household, but you’re concerned about how well it will fit with your lifestyle or budget. Or maybe you’re already a spa owner, and you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your existing model. Regardless of your particular circumstances, this buyer’s guide will take you through your most pressing questions and concerns about buying or replacing a hot tub.


Everyone’s personal reasons for wanting to own a hot tub are unique, but in general, hot tubs fulfill four valuable purposes:

  • Hot tubs help you relax. Modern-day living is stressful and hectic. Reclining in the luxury of warm, soothing, gently bubbling water is one of the best ways to unwind at the end of a grueling day, while in the morning, soaking in your hottub can help you feel up to facing a full slate of new challenges. Owning a hot tub is like having your own personal masseuse on call at all times: You can use your spa’s combination of heated water and powerful jets to give yourself a relaxing massage anytime you feel like it.
  • Hot tubs help you entertain. Your hot tub will make you the envy of your neighborhood. If you enjoy entertaining at home, hot tubs can give you a built-in social life: Your friends and neighbors will be delighted to receive an invitation to come over and enjoy your spa. To help establish a festive atmosphere, today’s high-tech hot tubs can be outfitted with optional speakers and monitors, so you can listen to music or watch a film or sporting event while soaking in your spa.
  • Hot tubs can promote wellness. Soaking in a hot tub before and after exercise can prevent muscle strain and damage and promote healing. A hot tub soak before a workout can relax muscles, which might help you avoid injury; a soak afterward might help you recover from exertion faster.
  • Hot tubs can temporarily alleviate the pain of some medical conditions. Soaking in hot water—otherwise known as hydrotherapy—may temporarily relieve joint and muscle aches and pains. The pain and discomfort of some medical conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, may be temporarily ameliorated by soaking in your discount hot tubs. If you have a medical condition that causes you recurring pain, ask your physician if hydrotherapy might be beneficial to you.


Your local hot tub dealership is the best place to buy a hot tub. You do have plenty of other options—for instance, you could buy a hot tub online, or you could purchase a used hot tub from an individual or a swap meet-style website such as Craigslist—but the surest way to end up with the hot tub best suited to your particular needs is to visit your local dealer. Hot tubs are large and complex, and it helps to have someone with a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the subject on your side when you’re considering a purchase. By visiting a hot tub dealership, a knowledgeable sales staff can walk you through the purchasing process and answer all your questions. Your dealer will also help you with onsite installation consultation, the installation process, and long-term care of your spa. By visiting a hot tub dealership, you can compare multiple models up close, and you’ll be able to view the exact model you plan on purchasing. Many dealerships will even let you take a test soak before deciding whether a  hot tub clearance is right for you.


Hot tubs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with a dazzling array of features. Having some idea of what’s most important to you before heading to the dealership will help you and your dealer make an informed decision as to which hot tub is best for your needs:

  1. Your budget. What are you planning to spend upfront on a hot tub, and how much are you expecting to pay in recurring expenses, such as the ongoing costs of replacement filters and water care chemicals, to keep it running in peak condition?
  2. How you plan to use it. Do you need a hot tub that’s roomy enough to accommodate a large family, or do you primarily expect to use it on your own?
  3. Where you’ll put it. Due to the wide range of hot tub sizes, the amount of room you have available on your deck or in your backyard is a significant consideration when deciding which swim hot tubs model to buy. Placement is crucial. If you have any questions as to where your new hot tub should go, your dealer may be able to visit your home and consult with you about the best possible arrangement.


The total purchase price of a hot tub depends on such variables as size, features, and the quality of the manufacturing, engineering, and design. While your local dealer is the best person to give you precise pricing information, online research can give you a ballpark estimate of how much you might expect to spend on your ideal model. Hot tubs are divided into four levels of price and quality, ranked from lowest to highest: entry-level, value-priced, premium, and luxury.

  • Entry-level hot tubs are generally made from molded plastic and may be plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. They’re simple to use and have very few features. Expect to pay in a starting range of $3000-$5000 for one of these very basic spas.
  • Value-priced hot tubs generally cost between $4000-$8000. They have acrylic shells and more jets and features than their bargain-priced entry-level cousins. The quality of the craftsmanship in a value-priced spa fluctuates from brand to brand, so if this is your price point, do some research first to make sure the hot tub you have in mind will satisfy your expectations.
  • Cheapest Hottubs feature high-quality design and engineering, complete with ergonomically-designed seats and powerful motors and jets. They’re engineered to be energy-efficient and will save you money on your electric bill. Premium hot tubs start at about $6000 and may go up to around $10,000.
  • Luxury hot tubs are, as the name implies, the best money can buy. Luxury hot tubs have the best features, the best engineering, and the best design available. They generally cost in a range from $9000-$16,000, though that price can go even higher.

Unless you’ve purchased an entry-level hot tub that can plug into a standard outlet, plan on hiring a licensed electrician to handle all the necessary electrical wiring. In addition, there will be additional recurring expenses, including routine maintenance, supplies, and energy costs.


In order to install a hot tub in your backyard or on your deck, you’ll need the following:

  • A sturdy and level foundation. If you’re planning on placing your hot tub on your deck, you’ll need to make certain your deck is structurally sound, with a load capacity that can accommodate the significant weight of your filled spa. A building contractor or a structural engineer is the best person to tell you whether your deck is a suitable home for your clearance hot tubs. If you’re going to place your spa on the ground, you will need to place it on a firm, level foundation. A thick concrete pad is a good choice, though stone, brick, wood, plastic, or even gravel may be possible foundation alternatives, depending on the weight of your tub. Ask your dealer which surface would work best for your location and your hot tub model.
  • A source of electricity. As mentioned above, some inexpensively-made hot tub models can be plugged into a traditional 110-volt electrical outlet. Higher-quality hot tubs, however, will require either a 220-volt or 230-volt outlet, which must be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • A source of water. You only need two items to fill your hot tub with water: a working faucet, and a garden hose long enough to reach from your faucet to your hot tub.


How much your hot tub usage affects your electric bill depends upon a number of factors, including your local climate, how often you use your spa, the temperature at which you keep your water set, and the cost of electricity in your area. One of the most influential factors is the quality of your hot tub: A well-made hot tub constructed of premium materials with high-quality insulation, a durable and well-fitting cover, and an energy-efficient circulation pump will cost considerably less to heat per month than a budget model possessing few or none of these features.

While your hot tub dealer will be able to give you the most accurate information as to how much your hot tub will raise your monthly electric bill, this planning tool will give you a general idea of the cost of heating your hot tub in your location.


Keeping your spa water consistently clean and free from impurities is a vital part of spa ownership. As a hot tub owner, you’ll have plenty of water care options to choose from. These are the most popular types of water care systems:

Whichever water care system you choose, it’s important to follow all manufacturer instructions and the advice of your hot tub dealer to make sure your water remains constantly clean and ready for use.


Hot tubs do require a bit of regular maintenance to keep them in peak working condition. Your maintenance schedule will depend on your water care system and how much use your spa receives, but in general, you can expect to perform the following tasks on a regular basis:

  • Clean your filters regularly as often as once a week, depending on how much you use your spa. Replace your filters every three years or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Test your water quality a couple of times a week. Add more water care chemicals weekly or according to instructions.
  • Clean your hot tub cabinet, cover, and any part of the shell that isn’t submerged in water whenever there are signs of grime.
  • Depending upon your water care system, you will probably need to drain and refill your tub every three or four months. Spa owners fortunate to have a salt water-based water care system will need to drain and refill their tubs far less often than this.


The best action you can take as a spa owner to keep your spa in peak working condition is to follow all manufacturer and dealer instructions for hot tub use and routine maintenance. Common hot tub problems with simple solutions include tripped GFCI breakers, cloudy water, and clogged filters. If you’re handy, you may be able to troubleshoot and fix simple problems on your own.

If there’s something seriously wrong with your hot tub, your first course of action should be to contact your dealer. They’ll be able to help you with your problem and arrange for a trained, licensed service professional to come out and help get your spa back up and running. If you’ve purchased a hot tub with a good warranty from a reputable dealer, any problems with your tub’s operation shouldn’t be a cause for concern.


A state-of-the-art hot tub can last from five to twenty years. Even a well-made but less luxurious model should remain in excellent working condition for several years. Nothing lasts forever, though, and at some point, you will want to consider replacing your spa. Over the years, your situation and your needs may have changed. If the size of your family has increased, for instance, you might want a spa that can accommodate more people. Or maybe you’ve finally reached the stage in your life where you feel it’s time to upgrade from a value-priced hot tub to a premium or luxury model. Or maybe technology has moved beyond the limitations of your old model, and you’d like to add features or accessories that aren’t compatible with your spa. Today’s spas are much more energy-efficient than the models of just a few years ago; if you’d like to see a decrease in your monthly electric bill, it may be time to consider a replacement.

You are the best person to decide whether you need a new hot tub. The time to consider replacing your spa is whenever you feel like your old spa is no longer the best choice for your present needs.


Before bringing home and installing your brand-new hot tub, you’ll have to do something about the old one. Your options include the following:

  • Dispose of it. You can hire a disposal company to come to your house and haul it away. If they’re planning on reselling it or salvaging it for parts, they may even pay you a small amount for your old tub. Before anyone comes to pick it up, make sure your hot tub has been drained and disconnected from the electrical supply.
  • Sell it. If your old hot tub is still in decent working condition, you can try to sell it or auction it off online on a site such as Craigslist or eBay. Be sure you do some careful research and calculation first—you don’t want to get stuck paying exorbitant shipping fees to transport your old spa to its new owner. You can also see if a friend, neighbor, or family member would be interested in purchasing it from you.
  • Trade it in. Your dealer might give you a discount on your new tub in exchange for giving them your old one. Check with your hot tub dealer to see if this would be a good option for you.


Trading in your old spa to your hot tub dealer can be a wonderful solution to the tricky problem of disposal. While you’ll probably receive less in trade-in value that you could earn from selling it outright, you’ll save a great deal of time, energy, and uncertainty. Trade-in value depends on your hot tub’s age, condition, and model. If you’re interested in upgrading to a brand-new hot tub from Hot Spring Spas, you can find out the trade-in value of your old spa by filling out this form. Your local Hot Spring dealer may accept trade-ins from other brands, so be sure to talk to them about all your options.


Hot tubs are constantly evolving as designers and engineers come up with new innovations in technology and design. Premium and luxury hot tubs possess the most state-of-the-art features, which can include the following:

  • Multi-density foam insulation is found in the highest-quality hot tubs. As the name implies, multi-density foam uses several different foam densities to comprehensively insulate your hot tub shell, bottom, and cabinet. In addition to providing the best hot tub insulation available, multi-density foam also provides extra structural support.
  • Control panels with wireless remotes. Adjust your hot tub’s jets, temperature, lighting, and entertainment options without ever leaving the comfort and warmth of your spa. Today’s best control panels feature wireless remotes with full-color touchscreens and a resting dock built into your spa.

Buying a hot tub – or replacing the hot tub you already own—doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Equipped with knowledge about the options available to you, you’ll able to make an informed decision as to which hot tub is best suited to your individual needs and situation.